Software for Lead Generation Remarkably Useful for SMEs

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March 21, 2018
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October 5, 2018

Poor sales can be downright demotivating for a business, and to make matters worse, it can get more challenging if you have a limited budget.

As competition gets more intense, you need to be able to stay ahead of the curve, and the best way to attain it is by investing in double verified/qualified telephone lead lists.

On the other hand, there are plenty of free software for lead generation available on the Web to make use of.

However, not all software will be fulfilling your requirement, which is why I am going to talk about a few useful ones, especially meant for SMEs to thrive.


Are you sending those well articulated emails to the right recipients?

If you’re unsure, then all you need to do is type in an organization’s name to experience the magic.

You will find a list of all individuals already working at that company of your choice.

You can either connect it with your Gmail or download the API for Webmail/Office Outlook.
Remarkably useful and easy to begin with.

Do you know the signs of scam? Learn how to grow safe B2B lead lists.


The extension will save a lot of your valuable time that you may otherwise have had lost while scrapping for email addresses all over LinkedIn.

In addition to emails, the extension also archives name, profession, name of company as well as location provided by different individuals.

Its Chrome extension can also store details collected from LinkedIn so you could easily list them down on a CSV file whenever you need to.


A perfect tool for lead generation from three most commonly used social media platforms namely, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Upon installation of the Chrome extension, its logo will become visible on the navigation bar.

The second step is to add your social media profiles (FB, Twitter and LinkedIn) one after another.

Upon installing the extension you will notice the logo turning visible in these social media accounts.


This is a cloud-based platform offering free lead generation support combined with CRM for managing different projects.

Why use Bitrix24 Cloud?

You can enjoy 5GB cloud storage facility absolutely for free without you requiring any credit card at all.

It allows you to setup social profiles with only a few clicks, as well as manage multiple projects using this one tool.


One can call it a one-stop inbound marketing solution designed for increasing web visitors, compiling leads and eventually converting them.

Its free membership plan offers a wide range of possibilities regardless the size of a business.

Its free online lead generation software has remarkable ability to promote any business to its target prospects.

Lastly, there’s also Sales Data Hub if you are willing to buy phone number lists at amazingly feasible prices.

One might refute by saying,

“Why buy leads when you could get them for free using any of the free lead generation software given above?”

Despite the freemium nature of these software for lead generation, they do not let you get statewide telephone lead lists.
In fact, we will expend our resources to carry out lead nurturing for your business.

However, with Sales Data Hub’s in-house telemarketing support we are giving you leads only after verifying their information. In case you’re looking for telephone contact information, there’s no better alternative to Sales Data Hub.

Stay with us for more insightful ways on nurturing leads and growing them at the same time.