B2B List Vendors: How to Choose the Best one

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February 7, 2018
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February 15, 2018

B2B list vendors and database intelligence source providers are literally everywhere! You can find hundreds of them in the United States.

Since B2B list vendors help you set your data management strategy, it’s essential to choose your vendor wisely. In addition to using other inbound contact methods to capture the market – website, emails, event shows, and social media platforms – adding new contacts from a reliable source is always going to be beneficial.

Before you consider to buy business lists, it’s essential that you consider the crucial elements of a reputable list vendor. This can be challenging, keeping in mind the plethora of list providers available. However, with the right approach and strategic filtering method, you can find the right one that fits your business requirements.

But First, Think About the Database Size

A business’s currency is its lead database. The rule of thumb is that the larger the database, the more likely they are able to find actionable leads. As a result, there’s a boost in sales and improved ROI for the business.

Then again, not all B2B contact lists are genuine or relevant. In fact, some of these companies resell leads after purchasing it from providers. They resell with a markup only as a personal benefit. Not only does this cost more, but you are also left with sourced leads that are either unethical or utterly outdated.

Without a proper check, you may even get stuck with a provider offering business leads that are not even relevant. Instead of targeted buyers, you have target-adjacent leads that would rarely ever convert into buyers. However, the cost factor remains the same.

It is essential that you’re aware of your business’s needs and know the size of the database you want. Also, whenever you narrow down the list of B2B leads vendors, always consider those offering a service-level contract. This helps set clear expectations for the funnel stage and accuracy.

Elements of the Best B2B Leads Vendor in the USA

When buying business lists and outsourcing B2B marketing, your focus should be on finding a company with an established procedure. It should also be willing to provide services as per your requirements and business parameters.

While tons of vendors can offer you this, not all can provide the same level of service. And this is where you need to consider other parameters, such as:

Check If the Vendor is Valid and Genuine

A little research and background screening can help you with this aspect. The validity and authenticity of the dealer can solve half of your problem. In addition to meeting in person and asking them the critical questions, check their website for reviews and contact details.

Define Data Standards

All the data records and lists you purchase should be relevant to your business. It should meet the criteria for your data standards. In case you haven’t set that yet, do it now. For instance, start with setting a minimum percentage of your marketing automation database for record completion. All of the following data should be present:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Phone number (or any other contact number)
  • Revenues
  • Email
  • Street address
  • City, state, and postal code
  • Number of employees
  • Website

Not only should your database records be complete, they should also be updated for maximum effectiveness.

Company’s Integrity

The company’s background check is vital to find out if it has worked with reputable clients before. Ensuring that the company’s operations are legit is a must. If you are not satisfied, it’s best that you take your business elsewhere.

Similarly, relying on offshore list vendors is also risky. Comparing your options is essential to find out the average cost of buying a B2B marketing list. If a company is offering a list at significantly cheaper rates, consider it a warning sign.

Investing without a thorough check will not only be a costly deal, but also have its consequences in the future.

Quality of Information

Even the most relevant and valuable data has a shelf life. It needs continual care and maintenance. People switch jobs on a regular basis seeking better opportunities. Every year, more than 15 million people change jobs. Business leads data is always at risk of becoming irrelevant if you do not update it regularly.

If you fail to record these changes, your marketing campaign will fail. Authentic vendors always ensure to provide you with maintenance services to keep your list updated and useful. The best data solution provider will continuously evolve to meet your segmentation and standards criteria.

After-Sale Services

Refuse to work with list vendors if they provide poor after-sales service. Regardless of how fantastic their product is, if they are unresponsive towards solving your problems, they can be frustrating to deal with.

Vendors that respond and resolve issues promptly are more reliable. Contact-ability is also an important factor that shouldn’t be missed out. An authentic B2B list vendor should be able to filter out spam traps and have strict quality maintenance.


With so many options available for leads vendor in the USA, picking the most suitable one is challenging, especially if you fail to identify your own specific requirements. Research, narrow down your vendor list, and be clear with your own requirements to find the best B2B list vendor. Make sure the vendor you are working with understands precisely what you are looking for.

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