B2B Leads List: Everything You Need to Know

Attract More Consumers to Grow Your Business with B2C Contact Leads List
March 21, 2018
Everything You Require for an Exceptional B2B Sales Leads Database
March 21, 2018

If you want to make the most efficient use B2B leads list, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best place to look into. LinkedIn is one of the best sources of information on various businesses as well as corporates to connect with; however, there are other sources too that can generate great B2B leads list.

For the best lists of leads, you must mine, filter, and clean database routinely – precisely the steps you should take to find them.

These factors are crucial for all marketing campaigns of double verified leads.

Why Use a B2B Marketing list?

Before we explore the critical elements of B2B leads list, let’s discuss why will you be needing those anyways.

Lately, B2B marketers have started to rely on quality leads only, mainly due to high accuracy and updated information on business prospects.

Without a data/marketing list, it can be quite challenging to find new clients, which requires both hard work and time. Not having a data list means screening through magazines and brochures, cold-calling, and even attending seminars to generate leads.

With a high quality B2B leads list, work becomes more convenient; moreover, thanks to the internet for pushing globalization to a whole new level!


While you can use B2B marketing lists for email campaigning and cold calling, they have other applications too.
The data includes information that further provides insights on potential opportunities you could adopt for standing out in competition.

This can further assist in making better investment decisions.

The Critical Elements of an Effective B2B Leads List

Whether you have business leads list for your B2B marketing campaign or planning to buy one, there could be several critical elements missing that you need to watch out for.

To ensure your marketing campaigns are successful, you need to take a closer look at your current database.

A proper email database must incorporate the following details:

  • Segmentation Criteria

Segmentation criteria are crucial for a good database. They filter every list routinely to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Segmentation criteria greatly assist finding the prospects of your ongoing campaigns.


For example, if you’re only looking forward to contacting new leads, segmentation can help you being specific with your search.
Few major search criteria can be in terms of revenue, industry analysis, workforce strength, etc.

You can use segmentation criteria, like location, hierarchy level in an organization, influences, and decision making ability, for more insights. The better you are with segmentation, the more filtered your leads will be; as a result, you can extract more useful data from your database.

These factors allow you to narrow down your approach to get relevant results.

  • Updated Information

It is essential that you update your B2B marketing list regularly. Perhaps, there’s a change in the hierarchy level or the previous contact has switched to a new company.

In such cases, it is essential to know you are in contact with the right company or individuals.


An effective database must include changes as soon as possible. If you stick to the old details, the effectiveness of your B2B list may suffer. Thus, it’s essential to keep yourself updated and make instant changes to your database.

Don’t forget, a sales leads list is good as long as the information in it is relevant and updated.

If you still work with outdated contact information, old marketing techniques, and wrong people, your marketing campaign will get badly affected.

  • Targeted Prospects

For a B2B model, nothing can be more tempting than connecting with as many potential prospects as possible. However, it’s time to change that approach.

Not all of these potential prospects represent your actual buyer market. Therefore, it is essential that you thoroughly screen your database and get rid of the leads that fail to meet your criteria.

To be on the safe side, do not remove them completely. You can put them aside and refer them later in case you may need those info again.

For instance, if your business primarily deals in outdoor sporting, connecting with a gym equipment provider becomes completely irrelevant.

Instead of wasting hours on crafting campaigns for irrelevant prospects, use the resources to market to your actual buyers.

Save your resources and utilize them in the best possible manner.

  • Plan Your Next Step

Mostly, business owners treat an information database as a major contact list; therefore, it is essential to include additional changes immediately after the first contact is made.


It’s necessary to evolve by planning your next steps – that’s the most efficient way to craft a useful database. Think of this element as a vital segmentation filter.

Consider this: If your lead wishes to opt-out, you should immediately record and entertain their request. No further accidental emails should be sent out or calls be made to anyone who doesn’t want to receive them. This saves you from being flagged as spam.

Performing routine follow-ups:

For other leads that never responded at all, you can plan the next email accordingly.

On the other hand, for the leads with good response rate, identify the changes you should make to your email marketing campaign to keep them hooked to your services.follow-up-clients-sales-data-hub


The best lead lists comprise of comprehensive details on the database. From having up-to-date information to planning your next moves, they offer insights on valuable data related to potential customers.

Without a company contact list, it is impossible for business growth. Few tactics such as email marketing, attending webinars and trade fairs for lead generation campaigns have enormous possibilities of generating outstanding B2B sales leads lists.

A few changes today can lead to remarkable growth in future.

Find out how Sales Data Hub can offer you the best business leads list to make the most of your marketing campaigns for boosting sales.